GAMMA 3 Tube Forming: Metal tubes forming for third parties.

Tube conification, deformation and tube tapering, tubulars and profiles bending and rolling, tube laser cutting 3D, automatic cutting to length, bamboo and decoration, are the main processes performed in tube end forming, on tubes in iron, brass, stainless steel, titanium, aluminium, copper and silver .

GAMMA 3, Tube forming since 1980.


Conification and shaping
Pipe tapering and widening
Bending and calendering
Automatic cut to size
Annealing and heat treatments
3D laser cutting
Decoration and bamboo
Mechanical processing

Conification and metal tube forming and shaping

Tube forming and tube deformation is an art that arises from the needs of various sectors that require metal tubes.

GAMMA 3 is a leader in metal tube conification, tube forming, tube shaping, tube deformation, tube bending and metal tubes swaging in various types of metal.

The processed tubes are usually made of iron, brass, aluminium, stainless steel, titanium, copper and silver.

The tube forming (or tube shaping and deformation) in which we are most specialized is tube conification, tube swaging and tapering, tube widening, tube decoration, bamboo, tube grinding, tube processing and mechanical processing in general.

GAMMA 3 has several CNC machines for tube forming and tube shaping, with the industry 4.0 system.

Other CNC machines are available for bending and rolling of tubes and profiles, also with variable radius.

We have CNC machines for tube forming, swaging and tapering, tube shaping, tube deformation and mechanical processing. We can process the maximum diameter of 160mm and 10mm thickness.

Tube cutting to length, on the other hand, is done automatically with cutting line machines, and also for third parties. 3D tube laser cutting is also available.

We do heat treatings on the tubes (excluding hardening) and tubes annealing, with a modern oven in a controlled atmosphere.

GAMMA 3 supplies conical metal tubes, bent and swaged or tapered tubes, shaped and deformed tubes for world-leading companies in the design of furniture, lighting, street furniture, office furniture, construction, automotive, machinery, nautical, plumbing.

A large fleet of molds is available, developed over the course of 45 years of experience in the sector.

GAMMA 3 is a point of reference and a leading company at national and European level, with customers in every country on the continent.

Our creativity, passion and love for quality are the qualities that our national and international customers recognize and appreciate us.

Our experience allows us to meet the needs of our customers by providing a high quality standard, and various possibilities of tube forming, tube shaping and deformation, always working to measure, even for small batches of tubes and prototypes.

We produce samples, small series up to large quantities with many automated machinery.

All our products are made with excellent quality materials, but we also work the material of our customers on tolling, according to their choices.

We are distinguished by speed in making estimates and timeliness in deliveries thanks to good stocks of material.

You can contact us and make an appointment to visit our extensive display of samples and products at our headquarters in Cantù (CO).

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sagomatura tubi
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